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Use Flashlight Page Insights to help you understand who your website visitors are, what they do on your site, where they come from, and what changes would work best.


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Flashlight Page Insights can help you understand who your website visitors are, what they do on your site, where they come from, and what changes would work best to improve your conversion rates for greater sales.

We use the powerful technologies by Crazy Egg (plus some of our own secret sauce) to bring you insights to help you KNOW what changes will grow your business.

When you sign up for Flashlight Page Insights, we install a custom tracking script in your website that collects all significant activity (it doesn’t slow your page down) and then sends this data up to the cloud where it is crunched to assemble these amazing reports:

Heatmap Report

Aggregate data is fed through to create a heatmap report showing exactly what elements in a page visitors click/tap on:

  • This allows you to quickly and visually determine what is working and what is not, visibly, right there in your page.
  • Example:

Confetti Report

The same heatmap data is then broken down into individual colour-coded clicks/taps in a confetti report:

  • This lets you choose a given classification (such as a website, search string, etc) and see where the people who came from there go on your page.
  • There is a large range of metrics – you can view clicks by: New vs. Returning, Referrer, Search Terms, Search Engine, Country, Device Type, Operating System, Browser, Day of Week, Time of Day, Time to Click, Window Width, UTM Campaign, Custom.
  • Some powerful insights come from this – for example, imagine a simple thing: being able to know which day of the week and time of day (in a range of countries) produce the highest CTR for email campaigns. You could time your campaigns to go out exactly when the target audience is most receptive. It sounds simple, but it could increase conversions by double-figure percentages!
  • Example 1 – Confetti Map:
  • Example 2: Confetti Selector:

Scrollmap Report

The time that people spend in different parts of the page is used to create a scrollmap report for a page that shows you what sections of the page people mostly look at:

  • This lets you instantly see where it makes most sense to place CTAs or banners.
  • Did you know that 80% of visitors stay above the fold? So how to expose the rest of your content? It is done by knowing what visitors spend time looking at, and working to those strengths.
  • This brings insight such as knowing where to place a CTA so it can take a visitor to another part of the page below the fold.
  • Example: (bright white means 100% of visitors see that area, going to yellow to 75%, etc)

Overlay Report

Click/tap activity data is used to create an overlay report that clearly shows each clickable element, along with the clicks it receives:

  • For every HTML element that can accept clicks on a page, a colour-coded indicator is shown next to it. Hovering on it will show you exactly how many clicks that element received.
  • It can break down clicks by a number of metrics: new vs. returning visitors, operating system, browser, country, referrer, search engine, day of week, time of day, time to click, and custom UTM variables.
  • These insights can help you work out when to change your design, and where the most impact will be. They can also help to highlight when and where visitors are being confused by the design of the page.
  • Example:

List Report

Overlay data is used to create a list report that shows the raw data used to make the above reports. But as a numeric report, rather than a visual one, it has a number of useful features making it very powerful:

  • Information is displayed in a simple sortable list.
  • There are 3 list tabs:
    • visible: these are elements that appear in the page’s screenshot
    • not visible: these don’t appear in the screenshot (eg: an item in a dropdown list, or element in a lightbox)
    • both: all elements are shown
  • This gives you an accurate breakdown of EVERYTHING your visitors click on.
  • The insights are powerful: you can sort by percent to quickly see what the most popular elements are. And if 80% of visitors are going to the About page (say) then simply adding a CTA to the about page could give you a 20% boost in signups!
  • Example:

Session Recordings

Visitor mouse/click/tap activity can generate session recordings of visitor interactions with your page:

  • These are actual video recordings of what the visitor does.
  • Just like standing next to a visitor as they navigate your site.
  • Illustrative example:

A/B Testing

  • Using some of the above insights, you can plan changes to your site that you know in advance will help with conversion. But how do you know which changes will help conversion the most?
  • A/B testing lets you create two (or more) versions of a page and divide traffic between them. Then you can track which version got better outcomes.
  • Best of all, A/B testing doesn’t need you to create multiple versions of a page! Minor tweaks (eg: copy on a CTA) can be done through the product, without needing to do anything to the website.
  • Illustrative Example:


The reports mentioned above can be segmented into 3: desktop visitors, phone visitors, and tablet visitors:

  • Each segmentation is considered an additional page.
  • If you want to sign up for 1 page segmented by device, then buy 3 subscriptions for the same page.

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