From: $18.00 / month and a $195.00 sign-up fee

Your complete Wordpress safety net: firewall, security scanner, auto-backups, monitoring, updates. Full installation included.



FlashSecure:Wordpress is a Flashlight exclusive! This subscription bundles together everything you need to keep your WordPress site safe and secure:

  • active firewall with automated real-time blocking
  • daily security scanning (for hacks, malware, threats)
  • automated local backups (daily, weekly, or monthly)
  • uptime monitoring (you get emailed if site is down)
  • automatic updates (of WordPress core, themes, plugins)
  • email notifications of activity (optional: all, none, or custom)
  • initial installation included

Note: FlashSecure:Wordpress is only available for sites that are hosted by Flashlight.

This product is a carefully curated set of WordPress plugins specifically designed for hands-off website administration. All customers who responded to our questions reported that FlashSecure:Wordpress saved them time – an average of 6-18 hours saved per month. Some owners (of multiple busy sites) reported a time-saving of 30 hours and more. One customer even fired his webmaster, and took over himself! Some owners of non-busy sites report that with FlashSecure:Wordpress active, they sometimes go more than a year without logging in to do any admin. While we don’t recommend never logging in, you don’t have to do it very often, because FlashSecure:Wordpress is continuously keeping the website running safely, securely and optimally, and will keep you appraised by email.


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