Email Mailboxes

$27.60 / year and a $5.00 sign-up fee

Full-featured email mailbox.



This email mailbox package is ideal for organisations or families that want full-service email:

  • Built-in virus protection
  • Advanced auto-learning spam filtering
  • Encrypted¬†password-protected SMTP (outgoing mail)
  • Secure encrypted IMAP/POP3 (incoming mail) with password authentication
  • Get your emails by POP3, IMAP, or auto-forwarding to another email address
  • Auto-reply vacation “out-of-office” facility
  • Web-based management platform (simple interface, full control)
  • Up to 5GB storage per mailbox – option to add more space
  • Seamless integration with Gmail and other mail platforms
  • Works with your email program, such as Outlook, Thunderbird, etc
  • Send outgoing email with your mailbox as your “From” address
  • Automatic encryption (where supported) when sending or receiving

IMPORTANT: If you don’t have a domain for your email addresses, register one here¬†(opens in a new tab).



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